KPF022* être? / janpalach split 10" [preorder]

10 EUR
être? / janpalach split 10"

This is a preorder. We will ship them, as soon we got the records in our hands (hopefully end of july). If you order other item too, we will ship everything together.

être?  - Screamo/Spokensomething from germany. 
janpalach - Screamo from ukrain.


être? - Blau auf Blau 
être? - Phänomen 
janpalach - Музей Тишины 
janpalach - Номер 5 

black vinyl 
brown vinyl
silkscreened cover

This is a co-release between Kopefen Records and 

Dingleberry Records
Zilpzalp Records
Miss The Stars Records
Bookcase Records
Pundonor Records
Flood Floorshows
Toten Schwan Records
Different Records
Bus Stop Press