KPF030* Kishote - Kaleidoskop 12"

10 EUR
Kishote - Kaleidoskop 12" 

Please note, this is a preorder item. We will ship this records early may. 

Emoviolence/Screamo from Germany.
Artwork by Rodrigo Almanegra


1. Zukunftsschleier 
2. Kaleidoskop 
3. Im Wissen Einer Welt 
4. Das Trauma, Das Erbe 
5. Apnoe 
6. Kartenhaus (Gast) 
7. Weiter Fallen 
8. Monolog 
9. Substanz 
10. Am Ende Nie Gerecht 

200x ultraclear vinyl
screenprinted b-side
screenprinted cover
with individual photo for every record

This is a corelease between Miss The Stars Records, lifeisafunnything, Crystalmeth & Heartattack and us.