KPF006* Reason To Care - Evyn 12" LP

10 EUR
Reason To Care - Evyn 12" LP


Melodic / Ambient Hardcore from Leipzig/Dresden, Germany.


01. I Wrote A Note 
02. Dream 
03. Fading 
04. Still In A Daze 
05. Sad Landscapes 
06. Labyrinthine World 
07. Teardrop Sea 
08. Arrows 
09. The Shell 
10. Dear Mother

lim. to 500
comes w. Gatefold Cover

100 Aside/Bside+haze (sold out)
200 solid mint green
225 black

music and lyrics written by Reason To Care // recorded, mixed and mastered by Jan – Hidden Planet Studio, Berlin // to be released via: Through Love Records (DE), Shivery Productions (DE), Koepfen Records (DE) and Lacklustre Records (AUS) // artwork by Christian Brix – KIDS Artworks

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